The Committee of experts will have to dispose of a recognised expertise in the field of energy, including regulations and economics.

The Committee is composed as follows:

  • Permanent experts
    1. W. D'haeseleer (President) - Scientific expertise
    2. P. Klees (Vice-president)- Scientific expertise
    3. J. De Ruyck - Scientific expertise Economic
    4. P. Tonon - Scientific expertise
    5. J. Albrecht - Economic expertise
    6. J-M. Streydio - Scientific expertise

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  • Non-permanent experts chosen for their scientific expertise
    1. Non-permanent Belgian experts
      1. R. Belmans - Scientific expertise
      2. S. Proost - Economic expertise
      3. L. Dufresne - Economic expertise
      4. B. Leduc - Scientific expertise
      5. J-P. van Ypersele - Scientific expertise
    2. Foreign non-permanent experts
      1. W. Eichhammer (Germany) - Scientific expertise
      2. J-M. Chevalier (France) - Economic expertise
      3. D. Finon (France) - Economic expertise
      4. P. Terzian (France) Economic expertise

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Moreover the Committee of permanent Experts will be in position to make a single appeals on other expertise on behalf of specific matters. Experts of the General Direction Energy and the Federal Planning Bureau take part in the activities of the Commission with an advisory vote.

The President and the Vice-president will sign all official documents, which are emitted in the name of the Commission.

The secretariat, the logistical and documentary support of the Commission will be taken care of by the General Direction of Energy.

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